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Helping people in shop class


Actions that I have taken so far

These are the actions that I have taken so far to further the growth of my business venture:

  1. I’ve made logos
  2. Business partner: Brett Gryzbek
  3. I contacted Evolution performance
  4. I contacted Philly Motorsports
  5. I did a cost analysis of how much a supercharger costs to manufacture
  6. I did a competitor analysis to find out more information about my closest competitors annual income
  7. Business partner: Daniel Ferraras
  8. Maxes Mighty Mufflers
  9. Started a thread on to help me acquire a twin screw supercharger
  10. I contacted Whipple superchargers
  11. I contacted Kenne Bell superchargers
  12. I contacted Vortech Superchargers
  13. I did a comedy skit with Vernon and Dawan
  14. I did research on how much money the supercharger industry makes annually
  15. Business partner: Coleman McFarland

Check out this Article


Tips to Help the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

U.S. public schools may serve up a lot of lessons to the 49 million students who roam their halls, but most don’t offer entrepreneurially minded kids much help in pursuing their passions.

On a recent trip to Atlanta, I met Matt Smith, a freshman at Georgia Tech who already has two startups to his credit, and, now in beta, Smith was 13 when he realized he wanted to learn something different from what was being fed to him as “important” at school. He knew that if he ever stood a chance of learning about entrepreneurship, he was going to have to cook up an extracurricular program for himself.

A self-professed nerd, Smith was interested in technology at a very young age. Barely into his teens, he was already devouring tech-related blogs and news feeds and attending Atlanta tech conferences. The key, he says, was getting out there and meeting people. Many encouraged him, and he never got the impression that others believed he was too young to be taken seriously.


I asked him about his experiences and how parents and potential mentors can help bridge the knowledge gap for kids who have an entrepreneurial bent. “High schools are focused on the next step, which is usually college,” Smith says. “But they’re not preparing you for the real world. They’re making you live inside this bubble of secondary education. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

Want to help kids get traction on the entrepreneurial path? Smith recommends encouraging them to:

  • Read. Most kids know where their passions lie. There’s a wealth of printed and digital information available for every industry sector and every level of understanding.
  • Develop relationships. Help entrepreneurial kids get out into their communities and build relationships with people who can assist them in clarifying, then attaining, their goals.
  • Search for and create opportunities. Motivate kids to explore options such as finding teachers who can act as advisors. Also, many universities offer internships and summer programs for high school students.
  • Build something. Encourage kids to get their hands dirty by writing a computer program or starting a small business. Help them understand there are no guarantees that their plans will work.

Indeed, one of the most influential ways parents and mentors can help kids is by steering them toward new thinking about The Big F: failure. “Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur has to learn to accept failure. That’s not something we’re taught in school,” Smith says.

Adults can break the taboo of The Big F by rewarding kids for taking risks and trying new things, then reinforcing the lessons learned from those efforts.

Smith’s final words of advice for adults? “Don’t undervalue what people can do just because of their age. And that goes for people who are older or younger than what you perceive as the norm. We should be more interested in great minds and solutions than the age of the people who are bringing those to the table.”


My Idea

This weekend i talk to a costumer got some feed back and now have the information i need to get my company in process

I am finally ge…

I am finally getting my business of the ground. for starters my mother is asking me to create her some business cards and a logo. so wish me luck

Grant Opportunity – $1,000

Read the description, but some of you might be eligible for this grant.  It is very short notice, though (February 29th due date).


my name is David lawrence I’m now working on a project called potion.

potion is a movie about two teenage kids whose father’s past comes back to hunt them

for what he did years ago. i wont to be done my script bye sunday feb 19 2012 in need partners

 to play the characters if any one is interested just message me my email address is 




Pitch Competition

I was one of the few people that participated in the pitch competition. It was a pretty good experience. I must admit that I was very nervous when I started but once I got into it and I thought about how much I really am interested in my venture, I suddenly was nervous anymore. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the final but it wasn’t all bad. A man by the name of Greg Sampson was very impressed with my pitch and he shared with me his interest. Since then I have taken a few actions to further progression of my automotive venture. I’ve tried to get into contact with Christian Von Koenigsegg and Horracio Pagani. Hopefully they get back to me so I can learn from the best

HQ Inc. Presents Ace’s Newest Album!

Greetings everyone! Just stopping by to ask that you guys take a listen to Ace’s newest album “Relating Artistically to the Public”. Here’s the link: Hope You Enjoy!

Valentines Day Post

I believe I’m very wise with my words to be at a young age, most of the adults in my life ask me for help. But i really only care about my daughter and being successful to be able to take care of her.