Dobbins Comm Art 2011

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Actions that I have taken so far

These are the actions that I have taken so far to further the growth of my business venture:

  1. I’ve made logos
  2. Business partner: Brett Gryzbek
  3. I contacted Evolution performance
  4. I contacted Philly Motorsports
  5. I did a cost analysis of how much a supercharger costs to manufacture
  6. I did a competitor analysis to find out more information about my closest competitors annual income
  7. Business partner: Daniel Ferraras
  8. Maxes Mighty Mufflers
  9. Started a thread on to help me acquire a twin screw supercharger
  10. I contacted Whipple superchargers
  11. I contacted Kenne Bell superchargers
  12. I contacted Vortech Superchargers
  13. I did a comedy skit with Vernon and Dawan
  14. I did research on how much money the supercharger industry makes annually
  15. Business partner: Coleman McFarland

Pitch Competition

I was one of the few people that participated in the pitch competition. It was a pretty good experience. I must admit that I was very nervous when I started but once I got into it and I thought about how much I really am interested in my venture, I suddenly was nervous anymore. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the final but it wasn’t all bad. A man by the name of Greg Sampson was very impressed with my pitch and he shared with me his interest. Since then I have taken a few actions to further progression of my automotive venture. I’ve tried to get into contact with Christian Von Koenigsegg and Horracio Pagani. Hopefully they get back to me so I can learn from the best